Marilyn Troyer

Mrs. Marilyn Troyer has been with Calvary Chapel School from its inception in 1997 when she volunteered as the office manager/bookkeeper. She has held the position of bookkeeper since that time.  With nearly 40 years’ bookkeeping experience in various businesses, she has been the ballast in the business end of the ship. She works with our Certified Public Accountant to ensure the highest financial accountability. When administrators panic, her assuring words, "It's been far worse” are a strange comfort of faith to all who take the business end of Calvary Chapel School. She has seen God provide in supernatural ways.    

Additionally, this mother of 3 children and 1 grandchild is the business partner in her husband’s very successful business, Troyer’s Bobcat Service. She and her husband, Willie, are exceedingly hard workers. She makes wise business decisions, takes care of small details that leave little room for disruption. Her wise counsel, her gracious attitude,  and compassionate hearts make her the perfect person to talk to about sensitive financial topics.