About Us

Founded in 1996, Calvary Chapel School is a Christian school that educates students from K4 through 8th grade. We provide an excellent academic program in an environment where God's Word forms the foundation for all learning. Our discipleship-oriented culture provides a rich environment for cultivating each student, growing a community of well-equipped and faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

We are a private Christian school dedicated to high academics, virtue, and integrity in our students. Christ is at the center of all we do—our statement of faith, curriculum, and activities. We partner with families to train children to think, speak, and act as Christians. Through discipleship, high behavior standards, and activities for all ages, students also develop a grace-filled character and love for all people.

Our students test out on average 2.5 grades higher than the national norm on SAT! They also participate in various service and enrichment opportunities such as mission trips, field trips, service projects, and retreats.   

Our desire is to prepare each child to be the best they can be through a quality spiritual and educational environment while keeping it affordable for their parents!

We are a ministry of Calvary Chapel Sarasota.

CCS Distinctives


  1. Effective, well trained Christian teachers who love the Lord and their students.
  2. Nurturing classrooms managed by teachers who are committed to their students and who strive to model the fruit of the Spirit in all of their living (Gal. 5:22).
  3. Daily Bible instruction and prayer, with every subject integrated with the truths and Christian values contained in the Bible. 
  4. All students are taught to seek forgiveness for sin, accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, take personal initiative to study God’s Word, and make it their primary objective to love, serve, and honor Jesus Christ.