We have conformed everything about Calvary Chapel School to the Word of God—the school’s existence, the philosophy of teaching, and the selection of our curriculum. We primarily use the Abeka Curriculum. Abeka provides Christian schools with God-honoring high quality textbooks and teaching aids to help the school lead students down the path toward academic excellence and Christian character. All subjects are taught from a biblical worldview with Christ at the center of all learning. Their curriculum aims for each student to grow intellectually, morally, and spiritually.


Abeka Goals


Teaching from a practical, traditional approach will develop the students intellectually. They’ll be able to demonstrate appropriate grade-level knowledge aligned with our scope and sequence, achieve or exceed grade-level scores on nationally normed standardized testing. In fact, our students at CCS score, on average, 2.5 grades higher than the national average. 


Through traditional teaching designed to help instill good character and by meeting program expectations, students will be able to display personal integrity in their everyday lives and discern right from wrong.


Because of daily Bible instruction and use of a Christian curriculum, students will be able to apply biblical truths from God’s Word to their own lives, demonstrate knowledge of the doctrines of the Bible, and choose prayer and memorizing Scripture to grow in their faith.

Christian Curriculum

What does "Christian Curriculum" mean?

Some curriculums incorporate faith and doctrine, but neglect academics.

Some include challenging academics, but neglect faith; the materials are mainly secular, with a few verses sprinkled in.

With Abeka, you can count on high academics and a Biblical worldview so students aren’t left half prepared to make a difference in the world.

Every subject is approached from a Christian perspective, and you’ll find Scripture and biblical principles used to emphasize or illustrate concepts.


The Abeka Difference

  • Abeka’s proven approach to teaching helps teachers teach and students learn. 
  • It begins with a traditional philosophy of education. This teacher-directed framework empowers teachers to focus students’ attention on the material they need to learn—in a context and sequence that will help them learn it best.
  • As students begin to grasp what’s being taught, newly acquired concepts and skills are fortified time and again using a method often referred to as spiral learning.
  • Finally, students’ growing mastery of subject matter is strengthened because of the comprehensive design of Abeka's curriculum. Material taught in one subject is reinforced in other subjects. At every step of the way, students learn, apply, and master new concepts and skills.

Proven track Record

"Millions of Christian school students have used Abeka since it started in 1972, and over 1 million used it in 2017 alone.

Students taught with Abeka have been accepted into prestigious colleges and gone on to serve the Lord in demanding careers."